AI Policy

Last updated June 28, 2024

Welcome to BookmarksNest. Our goal is to provide valuable information and resources to help you navigate a wide array of products and services, including subscriptions, entertainment, insurance, legal and financial services, and much more. However, as part of our content strategy, we use AI-generated responses and content which come with certain disclaimers.

Understanding AI-Generated Content

At BookmarksNest, some of our content is generated using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This content may include search results, answers, follow-up questions, suggestions, categories, listings, personalization, product descriptions, images, reviews, articles, and more. While we strive for accuracy and utility, AI-generated content may contain errors or omissions. The dynamic and evolving nature of AI technology means that there can be variability in the information provided. Therefore, users should exercise due diligence when relying on AI-generated content.

Disclaimer of Liability

BookmarksNest assumes no liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using AI-generated content on our website. Users engage with our content at their own discretion and should practice caution and due diligence. The ever-changing nature of the internet and AI technology means that we cannot guarantee the perpetual accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

Accepted Use

Users of BookmarksNest must adhere to the following guidelines to ensure proper and ethical use of our AI-generated content:

  • Illegal or Malicious Activity: Engaging in any illegal or harmful activities using our platform is strictly prohibited.
  • Inauthentic, Deceptive, or Impersonation Behavior: Users must not engage in activities that involve deception, impersonation, or the creation of false identities or information.
  • Prompt Injection or Source Code Discovery: Any attempt to manipulate, alter, or discover the source code of our AI products or services through prompt injection or other means is forbidden.
  • Policy Violations: Users must not engage in any activity that would violate our standard published policies, codes of conduct, or terms of service.

Updates to Our AI Policy

We may update this AI Policy to reflect changes in our content strategy or in response to legal and regulatory guidelines. We encourage users to review this section regularly to stay informed about how we manage AI-generated content and maintain transparency.

By using BookmarksNest, you acknowledge and agree to our practices as outlined. Our mission is to enrich your journey of discovery and informed decision-making across a multitude of services and products.

Thank you for choosing BookmarksNest as your companion in discovering and accessing the diverse world of offers, deals, and coupons.